Land Surveyor | Jobs in Dubai, UAE by JTLI Contracting

– Preparing and maintaining sketches, maps, and reports of legal descriptions of surveys.

– Verifying data and calculations.

– Recording results of surveys.

– Calculating the measurements of sites.

– Writing descriptions of property boundaries.

– Researching legal documents, survey records, and land titles to clarify information about property boundaries.

– Degree in Surveying.

– Good numeracy skills and the ability to make mathematical calculations.

– Logical thinking skills.

– Problem solving and analytical skills.

– A keen eye for detail.

– Organizational skills.

– A good memory.

JTLI Contracting L.L.C mainly aims on building contracting and its skilled team makes fast response to the dynamic construction environment with innovative solutions to ensure the progress moving smoothly from project acquisition through to construction completion. As a rather young but DARING international construction company, JTLI welcomes all the talented candidates who have ambitions in his career and willing to take challenges.

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