Industrial Electrician | Jobs in Abu Dhabi, UAE by A Fast-Growing Group of Manufacturing Companies Based in Abu Dhabi

• Repairing electrical panel board and motors

• Setting electrical counter on liner sealing and cutting machines

• Installing wiring and troubleshooting electrical problems

• Inspect and determine electrical problems on equipment such as meters, powered and non- powered equipment

• Inspect electrical components such as transformers and circuit breakers

• Examines electrical problems and repair or replace nonworking parts.

• Diploma / degree in the in Electrical Engineering

• Electrician’s main job is to oversee the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems in factory.

• Maintains preventive maintenance records and its procedures

• Conduct routine inspections and repairs on machine electrical circuitry boards

• Focus on repairing, replacing, installation and maintenance of various factory machine electrical systems

• Inspection of electrical disorder/ functions and analyze possible repair

• Conducts testing procedure

• Replace spare parts, repair electronic/electrical circuitry

• Performs diagnostic and maintenance procedure on electrical installation of the machineries and the facilities of the Factory.

A fast-growing, well-established Group of Manufacturing Companies based in Abu Dhabi, with a subsidiary in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, owned and managed by an Emirati Family who began operations in 1986.

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