Important Guidelines For Entry In The Exam Centers:

NEET-JEE EXAM 2020: Important Guidelines for Entry in the Exam Centers

NEET-JEE exam 2020
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There are very few days left in the JEE and NEET exams for admission in engineering and medical courses. The JEE 2020 examination will be held between September 1 and September 6. NEET 2020 examination will be held on September 13. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released guidelines for both entrance exams. If the candidates do not follow these guidelines, they will not get admission within the examination centers.

Ten important guidelines regarding NEET-JEE exam 2020

  1. All candidates must take the exam wearing masks and gloves.
  2. Every candidate has to give a self-declaration that the person is not COVID-19 positive.
  3. Students must also wash their hands with soap before entering the exam center.
  4. Have to bring water in a transparent bottle from home’s own sanitizer will also have to be brought.
  5. During the NEET exam, only 12 candidates will sit in each exam hall.
  6. Candidates will be made to sit in the JEE exam leaving one seat each.
  7. Examiners must make a distance of six feet from each other.
  8. The thermal screening of candidates, teachers, and staff will measure temperature.
  9. Candidates will be given new masks and gloves in the examination centers.
  10. Every exam center will be properly sanitized before the exam.

Students preparing for these exams have to take care of these things

  1. There is not much time left in the NEET-JEE exam, so avoid preparing for the new topic.
  2. Candidates must read at least ten hours every day to get better results in this entrance exam.
  3. Prepare for the exam according to the schedule.
  4. Candidates should keep their notes with them at all times and study from them only.
  5. There are fewer days left in the exam, so do as many mock tests as possible.
  6. Be careful not to let any kind of depression get shattered around you.
  7. Along with preparing for the exam, you must have at least six-seven hours of sleep.
  8. Candidates should also do yoga and meditation along with studies so that they can remain focused.

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