HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) Engineer – Hospital | Jobs in Abu Dhabi, UAE by VAMED Middle East

We are looking for a HVAC Engineer who will carry out all works as instructed in accordance with instructions, PPM and supporting procedures in a safe and efficient manner, to maintain a clean, comfortable and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors to our Hospital’s core business.

The ideal candidate should be able to perform/ have the following skills:

• Having the ability to comprehend the design with the technical expertise and knowledge of the manufacturing, testing, operations, balancing, maintenance and fault rectification for HVAC installed equipment.

• Advisory and understanding of volumes, air changes and differential air pressures and the control mechanisms which affect / adjust the balance, quality and specifications required to comply with industry standards & regulatory mandate.

• Understanding of dew point, its effects, inherent problems and remedies to overcome.

• Ability to perform maintenance, servicing, repairs testing and commissioning of the HVAC system.

• Knowledge and experience of the methodologies and devices for testing and calibration of the desired parameters.

• Knowledge of the materials and installation criteria for ductwork design and installation for linear flow patterns, effects and efficiency. Participate in regular site walks to confirm building conditioned parameters; inc. feedback from the Client and Users

• Experience on the various types and requirements for insulation, materials and applications.

• Knowledge of refrigerant gases and the Montreal Protocols for their phasing out and replacement

• Ability to trouble shoot, repair and react to client and user needs


• Extensive experience in HVAC systems & comprehensive knowledge of air quality / conditioned environments

• Minimum 8 years experience as HVAC Eng. within Healthcare environment


• BA / BSc. Mechanical or Electrical Eng. with influence towards HVAC Systems and Installations

• Professional membership to relevant Authorized Body

Ever since its founding, the VAMED group has understood health to be a global, sustainable and holistic asset. VAMED may refer to a record of international success in all healthcare areas – prevention, acute care, rehabilitation, and nursing.

VAMED’s international portfolio comprises the entire value chain from project development via the planning and construction of a healthcare facility, to highly specialized commercial, infrastructure, and technical services.

The VAMED range of services is both wide and deep and, together with VAMED’s value chain, forms our USP that has made VAMED a leading healthcare provider with a global reach.

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