Hot New Titles For Your Winter Reading List

Winter is fast approaching, and there is no better way to spend this season that by curling up with a great new book. From romance, to poetry, to thoughtful YA, and women’s fiction there is something for everyone on this winter reading list!

Chasing North Star by Heidi McCrary

In 1940s Germany, Didi gets help to escape her Orphanage. In the 1970s, another young girl learns the story of Didi through an old journal, but she reads that the heroic escape did not turn out the way Didi planned. The stories of their lives eventually collide when a grown-up DiDi remembers a long-buried secret on Christmas night.

Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam

Amanda and Clay rent the house of an older couple for a relaxing weeklong vacation with their kids in Long Island. However, when the older couple knocks on the door in a panic, the trip turns awry. The couple say that the city is in a blackout, but the town has no internet, TV, or cell reception so Amanda and Clay don’t know what to believe. It’s a story about trust, safety, and bonding in moments of crisis.

Memories in the Drift by Melissa Payne

After a heartrending tragedy, Claire lost all that was important to her, leaving her with fractioned memories and a traumatic past. She’s able to survive each day with confidence thanks to the help of her father and friends in her small Alaskan town. Claire is forced to relive her past when the mother who abandoned her and her ex-boyfriend resurfaces. This twist of fate is a chance for Claire to learn forgiveness and to finally move on and past her memories.

Home Body by Rupi Kaur

The notorious author of tumblr-esque poetry and simplistic art is back with a third collection. In Home Body Kaur will walk readers through stories of growth and embracing change. Through self-reflections on her past, present, and future, Kaur teaches readers to gather love for oneself, their friends, and their family in order to navigate through periods of light and dark.

Black Canary by Alexandra Monir

In the origin story of Black Canary, Dinah Lance is in a near-future world where women are stripped of their rights, such as working, singing, and learning. When she was eight, Dinah first heard a woman sing. Now at age seventeen, she must avoid death while she uses her song to save women in Gotham.

Malcolm and Me by Robin Farmer

Roberta Forest is a bright and rebellious Black thirteen-year-old living in Philadelphia at the height of the Watergate scandal. After a nun at her school makes a racist remark after Roberta criticizes Jefferson for being a slaveholder, she spirals into doubt about her religion and the adults in her life. Roberta copes with life’s difficulties and her parent’s struggling marriage through her poetry, writing, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X. When disappointment with her ineligibility in her school’s essay contest puts Roberta into an enraged confrontation with her mother, familial truths are revealed.

The Art of Losing It by Rosemary Keevil

This memoir describes Keevil’s struggles with addiction and grief after losing the most important men in her life. When AIDS takes her brother, and cancer her husband, Keevil must raise her two daughters while simultaneously fighting off demonic addictions. After a continuous downward spiral, Keevil finally goes to rehab, where she learns the skills she needed to bring in calm amongst the chaos.

The Searcher by Tana French

Cal Hooper wants a fresh start. After trauma through divorce and being a Chicago Police officer, he hopes an Irish Village fixer upper will be the escape he needs. Of course, life isn’t that easy. When a kid’s brother goes missing, Hooper must investigate the mystery and realizes that even tiny towns harbor deep and dark secrets.

Mistletoe and Wedding Bells by Ashley Farley

Farley’s novel will take you through a Christmas journey of chaotic romance of three different women. Stella Boor has to battle her baby half-sister’s mother for permanent custody. Presley Ingram is an event planner manifesting her own desires into a surprise Christmas day wedding for Stella. And Cecily was all prepared to marry her fiancé, until his irresponsible side makes her think twice.

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Maelyn Jones is not having a merry Christmas. It’s her final holiday at the Utah Cabin she’s been going to as a child, she still lives with her parents, she hates her job, and she can’t seem to find love. As Maelyn drives away from the cabin for the final time, she wishes to the universe for happiness. Suddenly, the car crashes and sends Maelen on a magical time loop of failed romantic endeavors and strange disasters until she finally finds true love.

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