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Food and beverage supervisors have many demands placed upon them. In performing this challenging work, food and beverage supervisors perform a variety of core tasks, such as the following:

Coordinate Food and Beverage Options:

The main role of a food and beverage supervisor is to choose the type of food and drink selections available at a restaurant or hotel. This responsibility includes creating menus, choosing specials, and overseeing food preparation.

Manage Food and Beverage Inventory:

Food and beverage supervisors oversee the inventory of all food and beverages in an establishment. They conduct checks to ensure that enough products are on hand to serve customers, order items as needed, and generate inventory reports for superiors.

Oversee Kitchen Operations:

It is typically up to food and beverage supervisors to manage cooking, wait and bartending staff. They are responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training personnel, as well as inspecting kitchen and bar equipment.

Monitor Adherence to Regulations:

Food and beverage supervisors ensure that the establishment for which they work meets all federal, state, and local food sanitation and safety regulations. They must be knowledgeable about the most updated laws and guidelines and are responsible for communicating this information to all workers.

Successful food and beverage supervisors typically display strong leadership, problem-solving, customer service and organizational skills. Detail-oriented individuals with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse personnel, such as food vendors, cooks, restaurant managers, and servers, are often well equipped to meet the demands of this job. Self-motivation, the ability to work in teams, and multi-tasking are other important capabilities for food and beverage supervisors. Along with these skills, it is essential for food and beverage supervisors to demonstrate the following:

Create and design food and drink menus. Manage kitchen staff and oversee food preparation. Ensure adherence to food sanitation and safety guidelines. Maintain food and drink inventory. Resolve customer complaints or concerns.

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