ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE ENGINEER | Jobs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by A Leading Manufacturer In Saudi Arabia

? Provide prompt response to inquiries whenever there is a breakdown, and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

? Ensure all the equipments are in good working order so as to prevent disruption of activities.

? Schedule and undertake periodic preventive maintenance on all electrical equipment, components, and installations.

? Recommend replacement for old or faulty electrical components or fittings to the management.

? Keep record of all stock and supplies, including company’s electrical equipment.

? Working in collaboration with the production team to formulate the best cost-effective manufacturing process.

? Perform energy audit and recommend alternative sources of energy.

? Help the organization to reduce energy costs.

? Fix and maintain lighting fixtures and fittings.

? Provide safe working environment for members of staff, and ensure electricity induced accidents and mishaps are prevented.

? Documenting all maintenance activities.

? Knowledgeable in safety requirements for major turnaround and maintenance activities.

? Bachelor’s degree in the field of electrical engineering.

? Ten (10) years of experience in the maintenance field is preferred.

? Good Experience with PLC Systems .

? Fluent English.

? Skills in developing technical reports.

? Should be in Saudi Arabia , with transferrable IQAMA .

A leading manufacturer in Saudi Arabia.

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