Electrical Engineer | Jobs in Saudi Arabia by Almawarid Group

• Evaluate all equipment and materials used in the project and give an estimated budget for costs.

• Supervising the work performed according to the agreed plans.

• Retest all completed electrical installations and works and ensure that they are working as required.

• Sending reports to the executive supervisors of the completed works and the amendments, if any.

• Delivering the required works at the specified times.

• Responsibility for following up on maintenance procedures later.

• Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Electrical Engineering.

• Make decisions based on facts.

• Working in a team.

• The strength of observation.

• Good handling of computer programs, design and drawing programs.

• Driving skills.

• Communication and communication skills with others and communicating information in an easy and clear manner.

• Good handling of work problems and good management.

We are a national group formed on the foundations of social responsibility and building the acquired value with hard work and quality of outputs that contribute to creating a fertile production environment for our esteemed customers so that they can present their work in accordance with standards of balanced performance that ensures continuity and reduces the expected risk.

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