Dance Studio Manager | Jobs in Doha, Qatar by Luxury Jobs

Manages the day-to-day operation of the studio

General Management

Oversee front desk and the receptionist and handling of studio paperwork including emails and phone queries

Checking and reviewing all the reports (daily, weekly and monthly)

Researches and studies market trends and proposing the studio’s competitive pricing

Scheduling of classes and courses on time

Scheduling third party inspection, fire alarm system and other maintenance work

Customer Service Management

Communicates with clients and potential clients for all questions and concerns

Provides the best client support

Forecasts and careful tracking of the financial details such as sales, invoices, and payments

Develop a sales and marketing plan to attract new students and retain current ones

Hire, manage and coordinate with the dance instructors and sub dance instructors

Organize studio recitals, showcases, or summer programs

Establish collaborations with schools or universities and establish a partnership with other companies or entities

Business Administration or equivalent degree is desirable.

Min. 5 years’ experience in similar position of in office management.

Advertise and enhance the studio’s website and social media accounts

Available to answer urgent matters after working hours

Enjoy the best hiring and speed combined together.

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