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Special Challenges:

• The main challenge is to sustain and growth combustion section, create a good cooperation between all parties involved and to make use of the available knowledge in various disciplines (knowledge is transferred by the one who recognizes a problem).

• It is incumbent to have/or improve trainer skills so as to transfer all technical knowledge gained from work experience, engineering theory and worldwide best practice.

• Leadership skill, technical knowledge, good team work and motivation are essentials to make a job successful.

Key Competences:

• Manage team and system

• Strategic planning and development

• Optimization, initiation & innovation and efficiency improvement

• Consultant internal and external parties

• Combustion budget and expense management

• Training, ensure staff readiness and development

Experience and Qualifications required:

• Experienced in both the field and as a consultant on “fired” equipment and the “combustion” disciplines.

• Experienced in working as an engineering manager (i.e. with people, projects, budgets, management skills & trouble shooting expertise).

• Experienced in training & coaching young engineers.

• Possess hands-on technical knowledge both on equipment design and optimization in the field.

• Experienced with fired equipment operation, with a sound engineering background (e.g. Heat transfer, fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics and Chemical knowledge)

• Expertise in combustion supervision and management

• Good team work, communication, motivation and adaptability.

• Basic knowledge of computer program, Microsoft office etc.


• Expat, Male candidate

• Age > 40 but not over 65 (must be healthy and able enough to work in the field as well)

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