Accountant | Jobs in Dubai, UAE by Visavis

Responsible for general office accounting tasks including but not limited to bookkeeping, transactions updated in accounting system, billing, invoicing, income & expenditure calculations, payroll calculations, financial reporting etc..

BA in accounting , MBA and CPA are a plus

Excellent skills in MS office and accounting related tools

Excellent Reporting and analytical skills

Highly productive and very efficient

Can perform under pressure

As a member of Access Group Dubai, VISAVIS brings a wealth of expertise in Government to Citizens services, the growing global trend amongst governments worldwide focused on offering great convenience to citizens and at the same time maintain a lean and efficient public sector.

VISAVIS currently operates in 5 countries working for European governments & delivering services on behalf of the world’s leading citizen services outsourcing companies. The company processes a yearly average of 150,000 Applications & is also targeting growth in emerging markets given the maturity of its model.

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