6 Energizing Health Tips for Tired Professionals

Amid the economic crisis, a global pandemic and a historic presidential election, nearly two-thirds of Americans admit to being more tired than ever. Many people’s work and sleep schedules have shifted within the last few months, and, honestly, there’s more to worry about these days. Consequently, many professionals are beginning to notice a consistent lack of productivity and energy. 

Luckily, exhaustion doesn’t have to become your new normal. These health tips for professional women can help change your habits and give you ideas for how to get more energy at work. 

Move Your Body

When you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is get up and run a mile. Yet, as exhausting as exercise might sound, being active is an incredibly effective way to reenergize. Instead of slinking back to bed, take a walk, practice some light stretching or hit the gym for a quick workout. Even a few minutes of movement between tasks can be enough to improve your focus and awaken your brain. 

Treat Food as Fuel

Cutting calories to slim down may jump-start your diet. However, reducing your food intake is unsustainable and will eventually sap your energy. Fight off fatigue by treating food as fuel and eating small, nutritious meals every few hours to minimize cravings. Fill your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables, protein and plant grains like quinoa, millet and oat. Fueling your body with a well-rounded diet will naturally enhance your wellness and help you be more energetic at work. 

Avoid Sugar

As you change your diet and rethink your relationship with food, try to avoid sugar. While that sweet frappuccino or cookie might give you a burst of energy, its effects will quickly wear off and leave you feeling even more tired. You might also pass up simple carbohydrates like white bread and rice, which turn into glucose or sugar in the body. Instead, choose complex carbs like whole-grain pasta to boost your energy and increase your fiber intake.  

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Take Supplements

Sometimes, you can’t get all your necessary nutrients from your food. Whether you have dietary restrictions or don’t enjoy specific foods, supplements may help fill gaps in your nutrition. Take a multivitamin to cover all your bases or invest in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and magnesium supplements to improve cognitive function. Medium-chain triglyceride — or MCT — oil may also effectively elevate your mood, deepen concentration and increase stamina.

Improve Your Bedroom Hygiene

Too little sleep will leave you running on empty and only contribute to exhaustion and fatigue. However, the atmosphere in your bedroom can also discourage rest if you let it. For instance, 70% of adults use electronic devices in bed. But these screens emit blue light that can suppress melatonin secretion and interfere with the quality and quantity of your sleep. Improve your sleep hygiene by removing electronics from the bedroom and creating a sleep schedule. 


Stress from challenges and deadlines may give you more energy to accomplish tasks. However, too much tension can take a toll on your mental and physical health over time and drain your energy stores. While it may not be possible to remove life’s stressors, you can find ways to cope and minimize anxiety. Try meditation, breathing exercises, reading, hiking or other activities that can take your mind off things and refill your cup.

How to Be More Energetic

Busy professionals like you suffer burnout more than they’d like to admit. From missing deadlines to forgetting about crucial meetings, the stresses of everyday life can sap your energy, steal your concentration and send you into a tailspin of chaos. 

For the sake of your personal and professional life, use these tips for more energy. Make time for yourself and begin reinvesting in your health. Prioritize self-care and delegate responsibilities to others to minimize workplace stress. Learning to say no can reenergize your life more than you might think. As you practice putting yourself first, you’ll notice your mood, mind and energy shift, so you can accomplish more and find time to smile amid all the busyness. 

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